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Since the inception of Rugbyfest “AN EVENING WITH KOWLOON” has proved to be a fantastic way to bring down the curtain on the days play and enjoy the legendary hospitality of Hong Kong’s most social rugby club!

“An EVENING WITH KOWLOON” gives players, sponsors, the occasional rugby legend, Old Kowloonies, and even the odd referee (If the door control is a bit lax!) a chance to kick back and enjoy all that is rugby !!!

Traditionally the days spoils are dished to the victors, all are treated to tales from rugby legends and with the consumption of vast quantities of food and beer, teams are encouraged to provide their own entertainment!
The evening has through the years raised a significant amount of funds for charity, long may this continue

For details of ticket prices and team / corporate table e-mail

Probably the best evening in the world………

DRESS CODE- Attendees are requested to wear their favourite rugby jersey. Thank you – From the desk of Mr H.K .Phooey